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Comprehensive Package

  • A detailed description of what I can offer you with this package. 

  • This package will cost you £240 per month. 

  • You are not required to pay more than 1 month, if the program is working well for you and you wish to pay for a second month you may do so. 

  • You will get a 15% discount if you pay for 3 months 
    (Total £612 - you save £108)

Standard Service Procedure

  • Initial questionnaire to gather basic information.

  • Initial consultation to gather a better understanding to be able to create a personalised plan of action for you. 

  • Detailed and tailored action plan.

  • Close testing and monitoring to make sure you achieve the best results.

  • Result-based decision making. I will always make sure to keep your plan updated and relevant, based on the results we see.

  • Weekly 30 - 45 minute meetings (in person or online)

  • Daily support via Whatsapp or Tel. for any questions you may have. 


Package Exclusives

  • Included are also two of my original signature smoothie recipes for you to enjoy!

  • I will personally go shopping with you and help you choose the best nutrition options for your personalised plan (at your preference).

  • I am also able to enter your home and organise your food, throw away anything that is a negative for your plan (at your preference).

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